An Expert Team Offering Recruitment Services for Agencies Throughout London

As part of our bespoke recruitment process, agencies contact us regarding sourcing candidates who have the relevant skills and qualifications needed for a job role. In addition to this, we also contact agencies when we have candidates that we believe are suitable for job roles. For further details about our recruitment and training services, please contact our team in London.

Recruitment Services

There are two ways our recruitment works; either an employment agency approaches us or we approach them. When a job agency approaches us, they specify what type of candidate they are looking for and what qualifications the candidate needs to secure the job role. Our experts then recruit individuals who possess the desired skills or we provide training to equip them with the skills needed to apply for the job.

Alternatively, our consultants advise an agency when we have individuals trained in a variety of areas, and who possess the relevant qualifications. This gives the agency a choice of candidates to choose from.

A Bespoke Recruitment Service

Support is offered throughout our training and job process. This includes, providing transport for interviews, prepping the agency, and providing any relevant documentation and information. This allows the agencies to recruit fully trained and qualified individuals that are genuinely excited and ready to get back into work. This process also helps you to build your confidence and prepare yourself for the world of work.

Contact our proficient team in London, regarding our recruitment and training services.

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